Welcoming bObi The Robot Vacuum Into Our Family

Who wouldn’t want to have an extra set of hands to help keep the house clean? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone Vacuum while you are out doing errands? I know I could use an extra set of hands. My two girls are my little angels but they make a lot of mess.

bobi intelligent cleaner

I got the opportunity to review bObi from bObsweep. bObi is a robotic vacuum that can sweep, mop and vacuum. I was so excited to open the box and see bObi and everything that she came with. I began to read the directions and installed the battery. Then I plugged in the Charging Station(I put our charging station on carpet but it is recommended to be put on a hard flat surface). Then I synced bObi with the charging station and charged her battery over night(it usually will only takes 4-5 hours to charge).

Bobi What come in the box

The next day my husband synced the remote to test out bObi. My husband has owned a robot vacuum before and was excited to see how bObi would perform. We started bObi out in our kids play area which has dark green thicker carpet. We pressed Go on the remote and let her clean the room. The first try was a good one. bObi did a great job cleaning that room but did get stuck quite a few times(by doing a test run while you are home you will be able to find what bObi is having a hard time with and remove it to make sure that there are no issues while you are away). When bObi moved along into the hallway she had no problems at all cleaning that floor. Then I tried out the remote control to see how that feature worked. bObi cleaned the linoleum kitchen floor(even under the table where most of the mess happens every day) with me using the remote’s left,right,forward and backward buttons while I was sitting on the couch. Life definitely got a little easier. 🙂 Later in the week I had bObi clean the kitchen by herself. She did a great job cleaning the floor. The only issue I came into was a rug that she kept getting stuck on so I will have to move that rug out of the kitchen if I program her to vacuum in there. Then we tried out bObi in the family room. We have a light color medium thick carpet in there. bObi did great on that carpet but kept getting stuck under our couch(if our couch was just a little shorter or just a little taller it would not have gotten stuck. Our couch has a clearance of 3 1/2″). The problem was the black head sensor on the top. bObi was able to go under our couch but the sensor could not. Then I tried out the Scheduled Timer. I Scheduled bObi to start vacuuming at 4:00 the following day(you can program bObi for the whole week at the same time every day or different times of the day). The next day I went over by bObi at 4:00 and sure enough she backed up off of the charger and started vacuuming.

You can watch my YouTube Video Review HERE:

We have been using bObi for about a month now. Some of the things we loved about bObi are her UV lamp(to Sterilize), She vacuumed quietly, The Scheduled Timer(having her clean while I am out or doing other things around the house), The remote mode(I don’t think you can get it any easier than just sitting and directing bObi where you want her to go), the customer service that comes with bObi, the fact that she can sweep, mop and vacuum all at the same time, the touchscreen buttons on bObi and the buttons on the remote are super easy to use and super convenient and we love the fact that she will go back to her charging station all by herself when her battery is getting low. Some of the cons to bObi were the side sensors(we feel like they are too sensitive at times and prevented her from going too close to the walls to clean the edges), We also did not understand why bObi seemed to turn to the left without anything being in front of her. That is the only cons I can come up with for now. Here are some tips to keep bObi running smoothly. I would recommend that you regularly keep her brushes clean and empty her washable dust pan. One day bObi kept stopping and then I realized it had been a while since I cleaned her brushes and emptied her dust pan. As soon as I removed some hair from the brushes and emptied her dust pan she was working great again. I would recommend doing a test run first to see if there is anything that will get her stuck then you can be sure that when you schedule her to vacuum your house it will be clean when you come home. I recommend to keep letting bObi clean your floors. I am not sure how to explain it but it seems the more we have let her vacuum on her own the better she has gotten on getting all of the floor clean. Overall I think bObi does good on thick carpets and is a great robotic vacuum floor cleaner for hard floors. She is a great addition to our family because there will be less vacuuming for me. This gives me more time to get other things done and more time with my family. Anything that gives me more time is a keeper..

To find out more about bObi or purchase her for yourself you can go HERE.

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Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): I did receive a sample of the product for free or for a reduced price to review this product. However all opinions are honest from my own experience using the product. Your experience may be different.

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34 comments on “Welcoming bObi The Robot Vacuum Into Our Family
  1. I always wanted one of these. This looks pretty good. I was a bit confused about using the remote though. Wouldn’t using it in that mode be like having to follow the vacuum while it works? Defeating the purpose?

    • I can see where you got confused. I thought the same thing at first but it is nice to have if you are home and you want to move bObi into a different area(moving from the living room to the kitchen). You can change the speed bObi moves and there is a waffle button on the remote that changes bObi’s movement to a zig zag pattern. The remote is also used to program the Scheduled Timer. I also liked using the remote because it was fun to be sitting down and seeing the floors getting clean when I pushed the buttons. 🙂

  2. I’ve often wondered how these work. I vacuum daily if not two or three times a day sometimes. I think something like this would give me a little more time in my day

  3. I would love to try one of these out. I love the idea of programming the vacuum and kicking back to read a book or respond to blog comments. This is a cool gadget. 🙂

  4. I would love to have one of these for my floors. I love that she sweeps and mops too. My kids would love this floor cleaner.

  5. A robotic Vacuum Cleaner! This is absolutely amazing. It looks so handy & compact as well. I would love to have one for my home. Thanks for the review video & more details about what’s in the box.

  6. Oh wow, that looks like a heavy duty cleaning machine. It’s nice that this unit is relatively quiet and can handle carpet. I never thought these type of robotic cleaners could handle a carpet.

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